We look at all of the ways women get aroused.  From exposure to the “right” partner, to that fantasy or visual aid that gets your sexual brain firing to the need to feel connected.  These are all sexual triggers that once they get fired up it is impossible to do anything but think about sex. … Continue reading

The Princess Complex

“Why isn’t he sweeping me off my feet onto Frette sheets and into rapturous orgasm? He is my husband, after all. Isn’t that the message I was taught in my first book? My prince is supposed to know exactly what to do once he single-handedly lifts me onto his white horse, and we ride away … Continue reading

Solutions for Anti-Depressant effects on arousal

Getting rid of Depression = getting rid of Sex Alas, that is the trade-off many people who take antidepressants have to make, in order to feel happier. No matter which one you choose — you lose. Cathy certainly felt that way. After an hour of lying in bed, hands between her legs, she realized that … Continue reading